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Saab 900 wood veneer dash kit

Saab 900 wood veneer dash kit

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Saab 900 dash trim– real wood dash fascia for Saab 1979 -1993

It replaces a vinyl or wood dash trim! It’s not a fake venner that is installed over the vinyl. Mounted using glue recommended by us or 3M tape.

Thickness of a wood dash trim is about 2.6mm

Saab 900 wood dash trim is a brand new made of real walnut veneer painted by high quality lacquer. All were prepared using high precision cutting tools and painted in a professional paint shop that gives unprecedented look and quality.

It’s installed replacing vinyl or wood dash that gives a real original look.

Installing by typical 3M tapes, glues or can be prepared with installed 3M tape.

This offer is for wood dash trim.


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